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Seed Catalogs are Here!

I always love the beginning of January when the seed catalogs start arriving. There is just something about leafing through a seed catalog on a freezing cold January day that gives the illusion that winter will not really last 3 or 4 more months.

This winter is starting out cold so I have been spending a lot of time with the catalogs. I will be reviewing some our favorites. Today’s review is of Johnny’s Selected Seeds (Winslow, Maine).

Johnny"s 2013 Catalog

Johnny”s 2013 Catalog

Johnny’s catalog is a well organized, gold mine of information. You can easily find organic seeds in the color-coded index. They offer comparison charts for plants like green beans and pumpkins where there are several varieties. I especially like the heirloom tomato comparisons, including pictures of each variety.

Besides the usual vegetable, herb, and flower seeds, Johnny’s also offers farm seed. They have a nice selection of green manures, legumes, forage crops and grains. Their fruit selection is limited to berries and rhubarb.

The tools and supplies section has choices for the family gardener to the commercial grower. They have organic selections for fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, repellents, and herbicides. Hoop house supplies and row covers are available to extend your season.

Notes: Website has an abundance of resources such as growing guides and calculators. It is an employee-owned company.

Request a Johnny’s catalog.